“Coming together, keeping together, working together” – GB Marketing Enterprise reflect on the importance of teamwork

“Coming together, keeping together, working together” – GB Marketing Enterprise reflect on the importance of teamwork

Sales and Marketing firm GB Marketing Enterprise is this week focusing in on the effectiveness of cooperation on sales. They have introduced a new mantra into their office: “coming together, keeping together, working together,” in efforts to remind their contractors that teamwork is the key to success in sales. The firm has realised that professionals driven by selfish motives generally tend to be harder to engage with and eventually bring down the performance of a company.

GB Marketing Enterprise understands that the commission based structure of their sales roles can influence their contractors to only work for self-gain. However this week they are making sure they remind their representatives of the key ways they can improve working together as a team.

Starting on Monday and running through until Friday, GB Marketing Enterprise is looking to highlight a key teamwork tip every day in hopes to inspire their workers. The tips are as follows:

Find a purpose

GB Marketing Enterprise wants their contractors to start their day in the field by deciding on a goal for the team for that day. Whether this is reaching a sales target or creating a positive image around the product, GB Marketing Enterprise believes that purpose naturally jells a team together and is therefore essential.

Stay together

When in the field GB Marketing Enterprise implores their contractors to stay together and use their breaks to develop bonds. While a bit of me time is crucial for clarity of mind, the firm is keen for individuals to develop bonds of friendship to ensure they enjoy their day to day activities.

Friendly competition

Unhealthy competition often prompts contractors to work for themselves, but a healthy competition like a daily target with a reward at the end can create a healthy and positive atmosphere that inspires healthy comradery in the field. GB Marketing Enterprise wants their team leaders to utilise this bonus scheme to create this positive atmosphere in the team.

Creating an environment of equality

The firm also wants their contractors regardless of their role to consider themselves equal when in the field. Everyone is in the same boat, while instructions are necessary and should be delegated by a team leader, no one person should attempt to place him or herself above another as this can often create resentment and impact greatly on the gelling of the team.

With these tips in mind, GB Marketing Enterprise is confident that they can improve the mentality of their workforce and prompt improvements in the field. They want both their current contractors, recruits and, competitors to realise that their attitude of teamwork sets them apart and will help them grow moving into Q4.

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