Find meaning and purpose in everything you do, says GB Marketing Enterprise

Find meaning and purpose in everything you do, says GB Marketing Enterprise

In a motivational workshop held for their contractors, the outsourced sales and event marketing firm, GB Marketing Enterprise, discussed the reasons why it is important for entrepreneurs to find meaning and purpose in what they do. The company stated that young professionals should consider finding other meaningful motivations such as making a difference and adding value rather than solely relying on financial success.  

During the session, GB Marketing Enterprise’s Managing Director Graham Buchanan encouraged his workforce to always strive for a bigger purpose and have more major goals to break free of the restrictions of a typical nine to five mentality. Mr Buchanan also stated that although it is perfectly reasonable to be driven by success and financial prosperity, professionals should invest more of their time trying to make a positive difference in the sales and marketing industry by challenging perceptions and disrupting the system in a positive way.

In business, purpose can be described as the focus or ideology that entrepreneurs built their brand on and drives them to achieve their goals. In the workshop, Mr Buchanan explained the importance of having a strong purpose in business as it helps keep a workforce engaged, loyal and motivated once they feel fully aligned with the company’s mission and values. 

A survey conducted by Deloitte found that 73 percent of employees who say they work at a “purpose-driven” company is engaged, compared to just 23 percent of those who don’t. GB Marketing Enterprise was impressed by these findings and now hope that more firms and young professionals take the time to reflect on their motivations and take more positive steps to innovating the sales and marketing industry.  

Mr Buchanan said “The millennial generation is very different to that of our parents, the baby boomers. We believe that there is more to life than the standard 9-5 and we want to make a difference, take control of our own growth and achieve even more than our parents. The purpose of this workshop was to empower and motivate these young entrepreneurs into actively challenge perceptions and try and subscribe to something bigger than financial rewards.”



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