What is direct marketing?

Direct Marketing is a more personalised approach to marketing. Our method of direct marketing involves meeting customers in person out in the field. By meeting and interacting with customers on their own terms, we can build more meaningful customer relationships which leads to increased sales and customer loyalty. Interacting with customers directly allows our clients to gather enough personal data to personalise the customer experience and understand the complex needs of their customers that competing businesses may overlook. This approach also allows customers to interact with brands and their products, providing them with in-depth information and support which helps them to make confident purchase decisions.

How could GB Marketing Enterprise help my business?

As experts in our field, we can take the risk out of marketing for your business. We use our industry experience to identify and test your target markets, ensuring we only roll out a campaign in a demographic that is guaranteed to get results. We take each client as an individual and work closely with them to incorporate their unique values into their campaigns to create a strong brand identity. To drive our clients towards success we not only create and implement campaigns, we also monitor and track their progress with up to the minute data that allows us to keep one step ahead of market trends.

What are the processes involved in developing a direct marketing campaign?

Outsourcing your direct marketing to us is extremely easy, and can free up vital internal resources within your business, giving you the tools to grow your business at the rate you want. If you would like to use our services all you need to do is get in touch. We will then organise an initial meeting to discuss your business, brand identity, product and objectives. Once we have a clear view of what you would like to achieve through the campaign we will then identify the best target audience for your product and roll out a test campaign to gauge customer reaction and feedback. This information will then be incorporated into the campaign for the official run to guarantee your business the highest possible ROI.
Whilst the campaign is running, we will keep you informed at every stage and provide you with detailed reports and customer feedback, highlighting the progress of the campaign and the customer acquisition rates.

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