GB Marketing Enterprise Announce Their Plans to Increase Their Sales by 100% in Eight Weeks

GB Marketing Enterprise Announce Their Plans to Increase Their Sales by 100% in Eight Weeks

The Managing Director of direct marketing firm, GB Marketing Enterprise recently announced the company’s plans to double their sales within the next eight weeks and revealed how the company intends to achieve this goal.  


As an ambitious young firm, GB Marketing Enterprise is always striving to push their previous targets and increase their existing margins of success. In a bid to take their growth plans to the next level, the firm’s Managing Director Graham Buchanan recently revealed their plans to double their weekly sales growth by 100 percent within an eight-week time frame.


The company recently met with their contractors to outline the steps they plan to take to achieve their targets. During this meeting, Graham stated that to achieve a goal, it is important to adopt successful habits and that ‘success is fundamentally determined by an individual’s choices’. By adopting successful habits such as choosing discipline over mood, creating a pattern of consistency and regularly tracking progress, Mr Buchanan believes that an individual will easily be able to hit their targets.


Graham also covered the power of addiction and how it can have a positive or negative impact on success. GB Marketing Enterprise encourages their contractors to develop a positive addiction to success and state that this, in turn, will fuel the drive and ambition needed to achieve goals.


Graham says “We teach all of our contractors that to be successful, you need to be more like an ant. Ants are driven and productive. They work as a team to get a job done, and you never see them resting. We believe that these are key aspects of being successful and we will be using this to help us reach our upcoming growth targets.”


GB Marketing Enterprise now plans to use this philosophy as inspiration to hit their target over the next eight weeks and believes that this will act as a catalyst to establishing the firm as leaders in the sales and marketing field.


GB Marketing Enterprise is a Cardiff based direct sales and marketing company that specialises in using face to face communications to get their clients the results they deserve.


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