GB Marketing Enterprise discuss the importance of focusing on what you can control

GB Marketing Enterprise discuss the importance of focusing on what you can control

In a number of workshops throughout this month, sales and marketing experts GB Marketing Enterprise are helping their workforce take control of their lives by helping them accept that there are some things are out of their control. GB Marketing Enterprise believes that their contractors worrying about what they cannot control will impact on their sales and want to provide their workforce with both simple and more advanced advice on how not to worry about uncontrollable factors and instead focus their energy on achievable goals.

The firm wants their contractors to understand that factors such as the weather are out of their control, but can be easily counteracted. Especially with the colder winter months approaching they have asked their workforce to dress appropriately for the change in climate so that their thoughts on their surroundings do not come into conflict with their ability to reach their targets. In a recent statement, Managing Director, Graham Buchanan, stated:

“I want my contractors to work to their maximum, regardless of factors they cannot control.”

Mr Buchanan understands there are certain worries in his workforce that are slightly more difficult to solve, namely: the perception of others. He believes that there are some tactics sales representatives can use to control the perceptions of others but wants his contractors to focus primarily on their own realities. GB Marketing Enterprise has utilised this week’s workshops to work out a strategy to control outsider perceptions. Mr Buchanan has three key pieces of advice:

Present yourself well

Customers are more likely to engage in a conversation if they trust the appearance of the sales representative. GB Marketing Enterprise trusts the huge body of research behind the idea that individuals judge people and their communications with others based on their appearance. Consequently, they want each of their sales reps to arrive smartly in order to maximise their success.

Have good body language

GB Marketing Enterprise is also firm believers in the importance of non-verbal communication. They are particular fans of the theory of Dr Albert Mehrabian, who claimed after years of study that 55% of communication comes from non-verbal elements. Based on this, Mr Buchanan is asking his workforce to practice the way they hold themselves during their pitch. He will be asking each contractor to pair up with a new ‘teammate’ each day to practice positive body language.

The firm understands that sometimes there is no chance of controlling someone’s perceptions but with these two pieces of advice, GB Marketing Enterprises are certain their workforce has the tools needed to attempt to control the perceptions of the customers they are selling to.



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