GB Marketing Enterprise introduce #240 to prompt competition in their workforce

GB Marketing Enterprise introduce #240 to prompt competition in their workforce

GB Marketing Enterprise has always looked for individuals they believe have a competitive spirit. In line with this, they recently set up some initiatives to ensure they feed the competitive nature of their contractors.

This week they are focusing on a competition titled “#240”. GB Marketing Enterprise will be giving away a currently “secret” prize to the first representative to reach £240 in sales. This initiative will continue the firm’s tradition of rewarding success with the added extra of inciting competition within their workforce.

The Managing Director, Graham Buchanan has recently reflected on the three reasons he believes competition in the workplace is important for business success.


Competition leads to innovation. By competing with other contractors, sales representatives will have to think up new and dynamic sales techniques to beat their peers. Healthy competition always encourages change, and this is extremely helpful in the ever-changing sales and marketing industry.


If a contractor is constantly trying to innovate and better themselves, this will create a positive work environment. Competition prompts individuals to better themselves and prevents contractors becoming complacent and content with their success.


While personal goals should provide a contractor with purpose, GB Marketing Enterprise realises extra motivation is necessary for success. The firm is certain that competitions like #240 will provide each of their representatives with a clear goal and purpose during the coming weeks and in turn, help the company achieve and exceed its sales targets.

GB Marketing Enterprise is utilising #240 to create an environment of healthy competition within their workforce. They believe that the commission structure of the sales and marketing industry makes initiatives like these important for their sales representatives. With the added pressure of defeating their competition, sales representatives will be spurred to work harder to achieve the “secret prize.”

Graham Buchanan, recently commented on this new competition, stating:

“I am excited to start this initiative. Competition is essential to success in sales and marketing, and I’m sure that #240 will spur my workforce to exceed their potential.”

Moving forward, GB Marketing Enterprise hopes to continue to launch initiatives such as these to improve their results in the final quarter of 2017.


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