GB Marketing Enterprise look to Jeff Bezos for inspiration

GB Marketing Enterprise look to Jeff Bezos for inspiration

Jeff Bezos is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and this week Sales and Marketing experts GB Marketing Enterprise are looking to this particular entrepreneur for inspiration. The firm has a history of selecting some of the most inspirational people to offer their workforce with sage business advice, with inspiration coming from philanthropists, entrepreneurs and sports people. They are firm believers that their contractors should aspire to replicate the traits of the most successful individuals in the world in order to accelerate their own entrepreneurial careers.

GB Marketing Enterprise believes that Jeff Bezos does not receive the recognition he deserves. When aspiring entrepreneurs are asked who they look up to most, they often give the usual names: Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg but there aren’t many who mention Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon. This week GB Marketing Enterprise is correcting this, highlighting some of his most important pieces of advice in order to inspire their young professionals. They are as follows:

Be stubborn and flexible

“Be stubborn on vision and flexible on details”. GB Marketing Enterprise has highlighted this as one of the core quotes they believe their contractors should take on board. Once they become their own business owners they will need to be determined to achieve their goals but also allow flexibility to make sure their goals are reached in a constantly changing environment.

Never stop experimenting

GB Marketing Enterprise understands that the sales and marketing industry is extremely dynamic. There is always a new way to approach a pitch or sale and hence the firm takes Jeff Bezos advice very seriously, that their contractors should never stop experimenting with their sales technique in the field. Whether this is by altering the pitch of their voice, the modulation or rhythm there is always a new way to discover something that works better.

Think ahead

Finally, Jeff Bezos believes all business leaders should always be thinking about what comes next. He advises giving time to solving issues but only if they relate to a long-term goal. GB Marketing Enterprise’s Managing Director, Graham Buchanan wants his contractors to consider this advice and set out their long-term goals for the coming year in order to create the vision he believes is necessary for success.

With this information, GB Marketing Enterprise is hopeful their contractors will begin to consider Jeff Bezos as one of their primary inspirations. They are certain that he offers some of the most sage advice on entrepreneurship and want each of their contractors to utilise his advice in order to clarify their journey within the sales and marketing industry.



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