GB Marketing Enterprise releases their top 2 Happiness Hacks

GB Marketing Enterprise releases their top 2 Happiness Hacks

Sales and Marketing experts, GB Marketing Enterprise, has always held the happiness of its contractors at the utmost importance in its business model. While the firm’s success is built on the surface by its sales performance, it believes that its contractors and their mental well being is more important for long-term success. Consequently, this week the firm has been mentoring its workforce on some small but useful tips they can utilise to make sure they come into work with a more positive mindset.       

One of the main tips discussed by GB Marketing Enterprise is that contractors should “not sweat the small stuff.” While it is keen for its workforce to focus on details, it does not want them to get sidetracked from the bigger picture. This tip is based on a plethora of research, most recently a study was done by the Harvard Study of Adult Development, which followed 724 men of different backgrounds over 80 years and found that those who tended not to worry about the small things expressed greater feelings of overall happiness. With this in mind, the firm is imploring contractors to consider whether the things they are currently worried about hold the importance, they may have attached to them. It wants each of its sales representatives to write out their current worries and rank them and attempt to see that those which they have given importance probably aren’t as important as they think.        

GB Marketing Enterprise is also keen for its workforce to “pick quality relationships.” Rather than going for an extensive network of friends, the firm believes that deeper relationships are of more importance and provide longer-term happiness. The stress of juggling multiple tentative connections at the same time can profoundly impact on one’s happiness. Whereas, investing time into fewer individuals is more likely to create relationships that have a positive impact on your life, through which individuals can open up about broader issues. For GB Marketing Enterprise, Quality is more important than quantity, and the firm wants its workforce to consider this in all the relationships they create, whether they are professional or personal, they should take this mantra forward throughout their lives.                      

With these pointers in mind, GB Marketing Enterprises is confident its workforce is well equipped to combat the new year with a positive mindset. The firm understands that they may take some time to develop, but are convinced that once contractors begin to worry less and focus more on the individuals they hold closest to them, they will start to operate with a more positive mindset.


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