GB Marketing investigate the role AI will have on entrepreneurship

GB Marketing investigate the role AI will have on entrepreneurship

Cardiff-based sales and marketing specialist, GB Marketing Enterprise, is always looking for ways to drive innovation within the sales and marketing industry.

As a firm that prides itself on embracing new technologies and ideas to increase the customer experience, GB Marketing Enterprise has recently been discussing the hot topic of artificial intelligence and contemplating how its emergence will have an effect on the sales and marketing industry and entrepreneurship as a whole.

Artificial intelligence in HR – GB Marketing Enterprise’s unique business model attracts a wealth of talented, driven and ambitious professionals who are looking to make their mark in the sales and marketing industry. As such, the firm regularly has to manage an influx of applicants who are keen to take advantage of GB Marketing Enterprise’s entrepreneurial development programme.

The company has recently been considering the impact artificial intelligence would have on its on boarding process as deploying AI could potentially help with the initial screening process, therefore streamlining the workload to help boost workforce productivity.

Artificial intelligence in time management – According to an investigation into the success of SME’s, researchers found that timing can account for 42 percent of the difference between failure and success. Within GB Marketing Enterprise’s business development programme, the firm always emphasises the importance of developing good time management skills to increase the chances of achieving a goal.

Artificial intelligence could potentially be used to develop an effective time management solution for a workforce. In the highly competitive sales and marketing industry, this could help predict emerging trends, which will assist the firm in continuing to offer a bespoke service for their clients and consumers.

Artificial intelligence in customer service – GB Marketing Enterprise’s business model thrives on the foundations of exceptional customer service. The firm continually works hard to provide a fantastic consumer experience, and its face-to-face approach ensures that it can cultivate long lasting relationships with brands and consumers alike. GB Marketing Enterprise questioned the effect artificial intelligence customer service solutions, such as chatbots, could have on the unique and direct customer service experience that it works so hard to build. The firm feels that this type of technological progress would strip away the personalised and tailor-made benefits that the company is renowned for providing and that its clients have come to appreciate.

As an expert force in event marketing and promotions, GB Marketing Enterprise believes it is important to embrace innovation and pave the way for a new generation of direct marketing. The firm’s face-to-face communications approach has seen them gain outstanding results for the clients as they continue to increase brand awareness and customer acquisitions.


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