How GB Marketing Enterprise is Tackling the Youth Entrepreneurship Crisis

How GB Marketing Enterprise is Tackling the Youth Entrepreneurship Crisis

After an article released by Wales Online revealed that there are still challenges in getting young people into entrepreneurship, GB Marketing Enterprise has spoken up on how they are tackling the problem.

It was recently reported by Wales Online that despite entrepreneurs being highly regarded in today’s society, the majority of young people are still not willing to take on the challenge of entrepreneurship. The report came courtesy of the world’s largest study into enterprise levels – The 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM). The GEM study which collected data from 65 countries, and 85% of the global GPD, found that while 34 to 44 year olds are most active entrepreneurially, there is a significantly lower participation rate among 18 to 24 year olds.

GB Marketing Enterprise, a Cardiff based sales and marketing firm believes this to be due to a number of mitigating factors. There is an increasing pressure on today’s youth, especially in the UK to attend university, and while the experience can offer life lessons and build valuable skills it can also rack up substantial debt which could deter an individual from taking on any further financial risk and starting their own business venture. Secondly, many young people simply don’t have enough contact with entrepreneurs and business owners from whom they can learn from. Having role models in place to offer support and guidance is crucial to success and building up the confidence to pursue entrepreneurship.

In light of the GEM report, GB Marketing Enterprise is speaking out to encourage more young people to engage with entrepreneurship. The firm is warning that without the fresh, innovative thinking of young entrepreneurs, and their acceptance of change and progress, the business world in the UK could stand to lose a great deal in the coming years.

To tackle the problem in Cardiff, GB Marketing Enterprise is offering extensive entrepreneurial mentoring to young professionals. Alongside their daily duties, the firm is providing optional professional progression to their young workforce – offering access support and skills training to help these young individuals lay solid foundation so that they can confidently pursue entrepreneurship in the future. 

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